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See what God will do with a Voke event

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Running a digital outreach using Voke is simple and fun. It only requires what your youth do best, texting and sharing videos.

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3 Simple Steps

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Get The Free Kit

Sign up and start downloading all of the resources you need to run a digital outreach.

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Set a Date

Choose a time where you have 90 minutes with your youth to run the outreach.

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Use Voke

Order some pizza, share some videos and see what God will do.

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Pizza On Us!

The first 25 youth groups that sign up for a Voke digital oureach receive $50 in free pizza!*

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  • We might call you to see how we can help

 Case Studies

[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_accordion style=”flat” active_section=”1″ collapsible_all=”true” el_class=”orkit-accordion”][vc_tta_section title=”Voke Outreach case study” tab_id=”1493665554219-8be49f7a-a67f”][vc_wp_text]Gracie MacKenzie  is involved with a College ministry in Dunedin New Zealand where she heard about Voke and set about running a Digital Outreach with students who attended a weekend retreat:

“Watching videos & Facebook is something I do on a regular basis; actually using this for God’s glory isn’t something I had thought about”

“I liked how it is like a starter point to beginning in depth conversations about Jesus”

“What stood out was people who I thought wouldn’t be interested actually responded!”

“How scary and rewarding it is; it helped me connect on a deeper level and tested my faith”

“They respected my beliefs and were willing to have a discussion”

“It was an opportunity to love on those you hadn’t talked to in a while and be real”

“Once we press ‘Send’ and leave it to God, the fear we had before disappears”

“Being able to go deeper with my friends”

“The courage that God gave me to send those videos”

“(It was worth it) putting myself on the line to open up these conversations”

Gracie shares:

“So, I planned a 2-hour Voke Digital Outreach. We only shared the Falling Plates video to strike up spiritual conversations with friends and family.

To prepare for the event, I learned how to navigate VOKE and drew from the slide deck provided in the VOKE Outreach Kit. I also did a practice run by sending out VOKE video invite texts to 5 friends.

Our outreach began by getting students to respond to questions about their confidence and perceived influence when it comes to engaging family and friends in spiritual conversations. I also shared a personal story of using digital media as a tool in sharing my faith with a good friend. I then introduced VOKE, briefly explaining the app’s purpose and how we’d be using it for the outreach (or use slide deck!). We watched Falling Plates together, then students were placed into pairs or trios (so the experienced and less experienced could work together) sending the link and responding to VOKE conversations.

Once students had paired up, prayed, and sent their VOKE video invites, they were free to spend time between three activity stations while waiting for their friends to view the VOKE video and respond (prayer/ sharing your testimony/ resources for co-journing effectively).

Finally, we came together at the end of the outreach where students filled out a brief review and several got up and shared encouraging stories of conversations that they’d started using VOKE.  

What went well:

  • Because it was digital, this outreach helped students see that evangelism is something that isn’t separate from their everyday lives. It was an opportunity to show people that this can be their culture. Sending video links is relevant for current students.
  • Choosing one video was a win in terms of time management. The ‘Falling Plates’ video itself was a well crafted, personal way of conveying the gospel. It was aesthetically beautiful, confronting, and great for guys and girls alike.
  • Having students in pairs or trios offered great support and accountability.
  • Having three roaming staff as point people helping students having trouble with the app (and keeping them focused on using Voke)
  • Sharing a personal testimony of sending a video to my friend – it made it a normal thing and helped students see how it could be a really effective way of engaging with the people they care most about.
  • Doing a practice run ahead of time helped me know what to expect with the app.
  • Having a story sharing time at the end was super encouraging for the whole group, especially for those who hadn’t heard back from friends yet.

What I’d do to make it even better:

  • Make sure all of the roaming staff are very familiar with VOKE so they can troubleshoot questions that come up (have them download, use VOKE, and brief them a couple of days in advance)
  • Have Wifi access for people to hotspot; Bring our own router (people with brick phones can use laptops and Facebook Messenger)
  • Have more prompts of the types of people that would be good for them to chat with (e.g. old youth group person who isn’t going to church any more)

Our Amazing Results:

Students involved in Voke outreach event = 38
Voke videos shared = 189
# that watched video in first 40 minutes = 67
Spiritual convos started = 13
Gospel conversations = 2
Convos where they shared part of their story = 1

Friends interested to chat more later = 20

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Got Questions?



*Requires 2 things. 1. Have at least 20 youth participate 2. Pizza receipt 🙂

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