Voke is student ministry done over distance.

Overcome today’s disruptions, distractions and distance — all with one app.

How it works

Grow together with a group, even when you’re apart, by watching and discussing a selection of gospel-based video series called Adventures.


To start, download the app, choose your Adventure, and name your group. Then, share your 6-digit Adventure Code to add students to your Voke Group in seconds.

Watch each episode in the video series, like the Faith Adventure, as a group, and discuss it in real-time — just as if you were in the room together.


Keep your students active and engaged digitally when you can’t be with them physically.


Launch Voke Groups in your student ministry.

Share about Voke with other leaders.

Learn and share new ideas together.

Learn more about Voke and what’s coming up next.

Just a few tips to help!

You can have multiple Voke Groups.

Try Voke Groups with just your leaders and volunteers to see how it works together.

Divide Voke Groups by grade level to keep discussion relevant to their felt needs.

Keep Voke Groups to 20 or fewer members for best engagement.

Need help? Have feedback? Have an amazing Voke story?
We would love to hear from you.