Jesus Said Go!

Join our search for two people to drive the
Voke Bus across the USA!

The Voke team is on a global search to find one couple to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

youth ministry
youth ministry

The GoVoke Tour is 90 days of amazing adventure. Explore the United States and meet thousands of young people by helping them grow and own their faith!

The 2019 tour will start July 7th in Orlando, arrive in Colorado by mid-July, touch Texas, travel the Pacific coast from San Diego, and finish in Seattle on October 1st. If you are married, have hearts for reaching the next generation and have some ministry and social media experience, what are you waiting for? Apply for the adventure today! 

What are you waiting for?

Apply for the adventure today!

youth ministry
youth ministry
youth ministry


This tour will give you the chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to see God use you to share His love and heart with thousands of young people. Get to see what God is doing across the USA while driving possibly the coolest van this side of the Mississippi. Take time to engage in a faith adventure where you can draw closer to God and make an impact.

The GoVoke Tour launches July 2019. If you’re selected as GoVoke Tour Ambassadors, your training starts July 7th in Orlando. The debrief would conclude in Orlando on October 4th.

The GoVoke Tour runs for 90 days (three months)—July 7th through October 4th, 2019.

  • Married couples who are:

  • Youth pastors, youth leaders or campus-based youth workers looking to take their ministry mindset outside traditional church buildings or campus borders.

  • Volunteer youth leaders who have job flexibility or are in-between jobs.

  • Seminary graduates looking to apply ministry training in innovative ways to build God’s kingdom.

  • College graduates looking to pursue some ministry before moving into full-time employment.

Yes; but you won’t get rich! Essentially this is all ministry, training, living and travel expenses paid, along with a basic stipend. You will essentially be a volunteer with the Voke team for 90 days.

You can start the application process by clicking the Apply Now button below this FAQ section.

Good question. We’re currently booking dates and locations. Tentative plans are to travel to the following places in the United States: Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington.

Not necessarily. We need you both from July through September. If your employers can work with you, then no need. And who knows, perhaps God will use this to lead you to more effectiveness where you currently are or maybe in a new role in the future!

You will have a lot of autonomy on the road; but yes, you will report to the Tour Manager in Orlando who will oversee the entire tour.

Along with reporting to the Tour Manager, you will also be interacting with others on the Voke team that will help handle communications, bookings, social media, etc.

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This is van life, ladies and gentleman! You will have a smaller space than usual—but we guarantee it will be fun. You will need to be masters at innovating that space and flexing to circumstances.

This online application is the first step of the process, and closes at 11:59 EST, May 1st. Follow-up interviews will lead to a final decision of our GoVoke Bus Tour ambassadors made public June 1st.

Fluent in Arabic, Spanish and Wookie. Program in Python, Java and React. Able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Stuff like that. Nah not really. We are looking for a couple with youth and ministry experience that feels comfortable in and out of the spotlight. Warm people skills, authentic personalities, good communication skills, ability to video blog and use social media and the ability to manage your time and schedule are also on the top of the list.

Plan on having a blast as you engage youth pastors, campus leaders and other ministry leaders. Your main responsibilities will be speaking to large and small audiences, filming video interviews, posting to social media, selling some t-shirts, hand out stickers, run impromptu outreaches in a park or parking lot, pumping gas, checking tire pressure and more; basically living large while you learn to live small.

If you want to drive the van, then you better ask a friend to teach you. You do need to have experience driving a stick shift. We don’t want you rolling backwards down a highway in the Rocky Mountains.

With your help yes! We will have a support team available to ship a new motor out if you cook her! We prefer you cook sausages – those are cheaper! The bottom line is if you know how to fix mechanical and electrical stuff, then the Bus is going to love you.

As our GoVoke ambassadors, the Voke bus will be the attention getter, but you will be presenting the adventure of owning and growing your faith to teens and young adults through use of the Voke app. (We have a whole new app shipping in April that will help this make sense) Apart from driving, most of your work will look mostly like normal ministry – except you will be mobile and supporting youth leaders and campus ministries by empowering and encouraging the students in those ministries and at retreats and conferences you get to attend and present at.

We’ve seen God work in too many ways to list here, but he has added people to our team from various countries around the world, opened doors with partner organizations and even provided us with the VW van for this tour. More importantly God has used the Voke app to bring lost people to himself and helped many Christians grow in their faith and reach out to their friends in a culturally relevant way.

Voke is a mobile app and comes from the word ‘Evoke’ which means ‘to draw out’ or “cause a response”. Voke takes the culturally normal behaviour of sharing videos to the next level by providing videos that evoke emotions and questions that naturally lead to deeper conversations about life, God and how to know and follow him. Voke app eliminates awkward conversation starters with quality videos that can be sent peer to peer.

Of course you should, but the Go Voke Tour will be promoting the next version of the Voke app, which is much improved and not currently available to the public. You will get to see that soon!

Totally! There are many other ways you can volunteer. If you have other skills to contribute to the GoVoke Tour or to the Voke app itself, please contact us at Of course, you can also share this opportunity with couples you think would be great GoVoke ambassadors.

After reading through all of these FAQ’s I’m super excited! Now about the bus tour, how do I apply?! Click on the Apply Now button above and below this FAQ section.

I don’t think that I can go on the bus, but I have some people I know who might. How do I let them know about this? Hey, way to go, thinking beyond yourself! Use your smartphone to call, text, or hit them up on social media with this website link. Thanks for helping us!

When do applications close?

The online application submission closed at 11:59 ET, May 15th.

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