When was the last time someone asked you, “hey, how’s it going?” You probably answered something like, “I’m okay, how about you?” But what if you’re not okay?

Why we lie about our feelings

In high school, I lied to my parents because lying was easier than explaining issues I thought they couldn’t understand. When something happened at school or with my friends, I just pretended that everything was okay. You probably do this too and this survey says that some teens lie to their parents about everything. 

Today, I sometimes still feel misunderstood. Especially around Christmas. And perhaps you feel the same way. Maybe you want to tell a friend that you’re not okay. But then you see the beautiful Christmas lights, hear the happy carols and think people will never understand you.

But let me explain why it’s okay to say you’re not okay on Christmas. You see, the first Christmas was kind of a disaster.

The gospels of Matthew and Luke tell us that on the first Christmas, Mary had an unplanned pregnancy. When her fiance Joseph found out, he wanted to divorce her. But thankfully, they didn’t break up. Then, just when it looked like things were okay, they had to move. There was no place for them to live in their new city so she had to give birth in a barn. With all this happening, Mary and Joseph probably felt that this first Christmas was a challenging time in their lives.

God knows our feelings

Mary said something interesting about God when all this trouble began. In Luke 1:48, she says, “He has been mindful of the humble state of His servant.”  

The word “humble” can mean being low or having a low social status.  Sometimes when we scroll through social media, we compare ourselves to others and feel really low. Mary reminds us that God knows this. So if he already knows, why not confess your struggles to Him?

This Christmas, instead of lying, remember that Jesus knows your pain. How can He possibly know? Because He’s the one who was born in the midst of a challenging time. If you’re feeling low this Christmas, He is the one who will understand you perfectly.

Why we can share our feelings

This also means that you can have hope when sharing your struggles with others. Although vulnerability is scary, I challenge you to be honest with someone today about how you’re really doing. This challenge is part of our 12 days of Vokemas campaign.  Go on our social pages to find cool ways to connect with your friends and inspire hope. 

Instead of lying, remember that God is a God who knows your weaknesses. He loves you and can give you the courage and hope you need to finally be honest.   

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