Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel the world? A while ago, our friends Peter and Lisa did just that. They left everything they knew and travelled to 62 countries! Now that they’re back in the U.S., they shared some of their adventures with us. Here’s what they had to say about travelling the world: 

When did you start travelling together?

We started our travelling adventures together in August 2013. Just 8 months after we got married, we took a 3-week exploratory road trip across the USA to figure out where we wanted to move to. 

We drove from North Carolina down to Florida, over to Texas, up to Washington, across to Montana, down to Colorado, back up to Minnesota then over to Pennsylvania before going back to North Carolina. In total, we visited 27 states and drove 10,000 miles! 

In 2017, you decided to travel the world and visited 62 countries! What was your favourite country and why?

This is one of the hardest questions we get asked all the time. Each country is unique and awesome, and we like so many places for different things. Here are a few of our faves:

  • Chill & relaxing atmosphere, food & macaroons – France
  • Coffee- Vietmam
  • Scenery – South Island of New Zealand & Canadian Rockies
  • Fall road trip & castles – Germany 
  • Friendliest people – Romania & Tunisia
  • Waffles – Belgium
  • Culture like no where else with amazing food – India
  • High-tech, modern & clean – Japan & Singapore

What is one adventure you will never forget? 

The last country we traveled to was Ecuador. There, we got to meet 3 of the kids we sponsor through Compassion International. Meeting and connecting with each of them and their families was amazing.

One really cool God story happened on our first visit with Jose, who is almost 10 years old. We visited him when the last World Cup games were still happening. Peter and I weren’t ones to buy souvenirs because we just didn’t have enough room to store souvenirs from everywhere. But at the game, we got into the spirit and bought a pretty large flag. After the game was over, we folded it up and put it in the back pocket of our day bag.

Well, back to the meeting with Jose in Ecuador. He was really shy at first and I think it was overwhelming for him to meet us. We had a translator with us and were trying to make small tall. 

Then we asked Jose who his favorite world cup team was. He said Uruguay was his favorite. Peter immediately remembered the flag in the back pocket of our bag that had been there for the last month and a half. 

So we pulled out the flag and told them we got it from a game we went to. Jose’s face lit right up. We got a picture with him and us holding it, then we gave him the flag. He hugged that flag and and had the biggest smile on his face the rest of the day. We were so thankful we bought that souvenir and amazed that we hadn’t put it in our backpack, but had kept it in our bag for the last month and a half to have it ready for Jose. 

You have lots of interesting photography on your website; what was the most interesting place to photograph? 

Like the favorite country question, this is another very hard question. Here are a couple of our faves: 

  • United Arab Emirates – so extravagant, exquisite, interesting, creative architecture – different than anywhere else in the world.
  • Venice, Italy – the canal views are beautiful.
  • New Zealand – amazing mountains and Lord of the Rings filming sets.
  • Supertree Grove, Singapore – the light show at dusk is so cool!
  • Japan – love the script and architecture style.

What advice would you give someone who’s never left their hometown before but really wants to travel and go on an adventure?

Just go. You will find friendly and helpful people anywhere you go. And with today’s technology, budget airlines and bus lines, and online booking sites, it’s easier than ever to travel on your own. (e.g. a global phone/data plan like T-Mobile One, and websites and apps like Google Maps, Google Translate, Expedia, Booking, Agoda, Flixbus, and more)

Many of us want to travel the world but sometimes there are obstacles in our way. What would you tell someone who wants to live their dreams but is afraid of what friends/family will say?

Many dreams and desires are given to us by God. So if you have the willingness to work hard and follow Biblical principles, you can live out your dreams. You can do it.

Find your own travel style. Some people have asked us, “How could you go to this country and not go to such and such museum or place?” You have to know what YOU want and go after that. Our goal when traveling wasn’t to please everyone else with what we saw and did, but to see and experience the things that were most meaningful to us within our budget.

Your dream may not be travelling, but you may have a different dream and when you look at someone else who is successfully doing what it is that you want to do, it can be easy to get jealous of them as you see their “perfect” social media portrayal of their job.  Social media isn’t always reality. I would suggest talking to other people who are successfully doing what you want to do and find out what it took to get them to where they are today. Most likely you will find out that it was a lot of hard work and totally worth it. Happy adventures! 

A new adventure

But Peter and Lisa’s adventures don’t end here. You see, travelling in a Volkswagen van seems to be trendy worldwide. Aware of that, the Voke team started a campaign to find two people to represent our app in different cities. We finally found a couple that will be on the road  representing the app and having genuine encounters wherever they travel.

This new adventure will start in July and the tour will go through several Colorado locations and then to Oklahoma City area. They will also go down to Texas, North Carolina, Arizona and also head to San Diego, and up through Orange County locations and into the Los Angeles area for events. Their journey ends approximately on October 6th.

Also, this couple’s experiences will be shared on social media, meaning that you can see video and photo updates everywhere they go. If you want to meet them in person, click here to know if and when they’ll be in your area. But for now, watch their video in which they announce their plans to travel the country in a 1972 Volkswagen Van. 

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