5 Christian Apps You Need to be Using Today!

What does prayer and your smartphone have in common? Well, it turns out –  a heck of a lot!

Well, welcome to the 21st-century church! This church does not wait for people to come to it, but is going where the people are – online. From daily devotionals and Bible apps to church networking platforms and heavy-duty theological bites – you name it, and it’s online!

There are tons of super products and platforms that promise to egg you on to fight the good fight. We’ve picked out five seriously cool innovations that are worth checking out. Here goes:

1. Study Church:

Your church small group is going to hit a whole new level! Study Church was developed by a young bloke called Tanner, who wanted to come up with a cool and easy way for small church groups to share, discuss and collaborate online.

How cool would it be,” Tanner thought, “if we could study group material together, share, and discuss answers before class! Then we could really dig in deep when we met in person.”

The result – an online platform built around your group’s study material, which allows your group members to interact with each other on study questions. So, when your gang eventually meets during the week, the time spent is a lot more intentional and meaningful.

Interested? Click HERE to check this cool platform out!

2. Glo Bible:

The Word of God is living, but the Glo Bible app makes it jump to life like never before! This app lets you plunge into the Bible with the help of HD videos and documentaries, hi-res images, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours and other awesome features. What’s not to love?

Originally meant to be a desktop app, Glo Bible is all set to launch a power-packed, mobile-friendly avatar in the summer of 2016. You will soon be able to simply tap a passage to open up a treasure trove of media and study resources linked to each verse.

There will still be a free version of the new app, and monthly subscriptions will be available at the throwaway price of $5. Did we forget to mention that this app can integrate almost EVERY translation of the Bible that’s out there?

We’re excited! Stay tuned! To know more about Glo Bible, click HERE.

3. Gospel Central:

Stories are powerful. Perhaps, the most powerful kinds are the ones in which the Gospel rewrites the endings. Well, that’s exactly why Rock Church built the Gospel Central online and mobile apps.

This impactful platform is where you can explore, watch and share real stories of God moving mountains in different people’s lives. Stories of redemption, deliverance and of hope being restored. We love it!

Gospel Central is available as an online platform as well as an iOS and Android App. Download it right away, and sign up for your daily dose of inspiration.

Want to know more about Gospel Central? Click HERE right away!

4. PrayerMate:

How many times have you told a friend, “I’ll pray for you,” and then have completely forgotten about it? Well, with this handy app by your side, you will never forget again.

How? By bringing all your prayer points together as personalized index cards, which you can swipe as you pray! You can set up your own custom-made categories. For example, you could be praying for Family, Salvation, Church, Mission Trips and Nations. Or, you could also have categories by the names of specific people or causes that need prayer. It’s pretty amazing!

This app has been developed by software developer Andy Geers, and is available for free on iOS
and Android.

What are you waiting for? Check it out right HERE!

5. Voke App:

We love free apps, especially when they actually have something amazing to offer! Well, this new kid on the block does just that! Voke is a free video-sharing app that harnesses the power of media to kick-start meaningful, deep conversations and a deeper walk with God.

How does it do that? Voke lets you share compelling videos with friends, and chat with them while they’re watching. All you need to do is choose an impactful video from Voke’s unique video library and then select a friend – or friends – to share it with.

As soon as they click on your link and start watching the video you that shared, Voke will notify you so that you can follow up with a message about the video at an appropriate time. The best part? Voke has ready conversation starters for each video so it’s all easy-peasy.

Click HERE for more details about Voke.

Which of these apps are you going to download today?

These are just a handful of the many cool technologies that are equipping the church, and helping Christians be the salt and light in their communities. What other awesome Christian applications and tools are out there?

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  • Rev. Peter

    Thank you for the great compilation! May I suggest another app? With more than 1 MILLION downloads, REMEMBER ME is Android’s most popular Bible memory app. It features any Bible version you like, quizzes, audio, flashcards, spaced repetition. It’s so easy to use it’s even part of Google Play for Families.

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