What is your definition of success? How do you measure it? What’s your source of satisfaction? How would you define happiness?  

Some people believe it’s found in having the love of their lives. This is especially true on Valentines Day. To others happiness and success mean having a great car, a nice house, a good job – or having a lot of money without even having to work.

Is this really what success looks like? 

Whatever people say about financial success or successful relationships, the Bible reminds us that all these things will pass. That doesn’t mean we can’t have dreams, accomplishments or someone special in our lives. But it’s important to know that in Christ, there is more to our lives.

I like to visit museums. Every time I visit one I not only admire the displays but also think about the fact that those belongings meant a lot to the original owners. But now they are there for me to view. Old cars that people would die to own years ago are worthless today. Yes, I know some vintage things are not worthless but there are others that can’t be used anymore. So they are there for me to admire as I walk through the museum.

But it’s not only about museums. I like fashion and I know trends come and go but some pieces will never be used again – whether it’s because they’re ruined or because they just don’t fit in anymore.

The real deal

As I reflect on my own life, there were  many times when I invested my time and even money on things and plans that just weren’t good. It all passed and seemed like a waste. But I’m not saying this to make you feel guilty. 

What I love about God is that while others judge us when we fail, He is willing to help and make us learn a lesson behind our mistakes.

Through his word, God says that we should store up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:20).  So how about using a little bit of your time to do something that will count for eternity? Like having more time alone with God or sharing a testimony with someone. Using the Voke app to share a video like this one can remind someone that they are loved this Valentine’s day. And it can even change their life.

Its effect on our life 

This is success. I think it’s beautiful to read about what Jesus did on earth. He had a mission – to love and save others – and he accomplished it.

Even the feeling of success can’t compare to knowing you’ve made an impact on someone. Being a friend that others can trust. Shining like a ray of sun. Being a light in this dark world. Extending forgiveness so that others know His peace. That’s what our journey is about: learning and sharing what we know about God and His love. This, according to what the bible teaches, is a true definition of success. And trust me, it feels really good.

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