Christian Apps to Help You Share the Gospel With Friends

If you think that sharing the Gospel is scary and complicated, think again! With the right christian apps, spreading the love and hope of Christ can be as simple as tapping and sharing.

We’ve put together a list of five awesome apps that will equip you take the Gospel straight to your friends. If you need help with speaking about God and His amazing love, these free Gospel apps will serve as the perfect arrows in your quiver:


Share Your Faith app has all the features you need to encourage your friends to take that leap of faith. This app helps you share key biblical concepts without overwhelming your friends with heavy
biblical jargon.

The app uses diagrams with captions, verses and insights, to give your friends a step-by-step explanation of the Gospel message. Plus, translations in 16 languages allow you to take the Good News to your friends all over the world. Isn’t that fantastic?

As Lee Strobel says, “How to Share Your Faith will give you the confidence you need to lead [friends] to Christ. I highly recommend it.” We couldn’t agree more!

Check out this app right HERE!


Created by InterVaristy Christian Fellowship, the Big Story App helps you present big biblical concepts in simple, fun and relevant ways. So, how does the app work? It lets you illustrate key Gospel points by drawing four “worlds” on your tablet or smartphone screen. Suggested narration and scriptural references for each of these worlds help you explain the Gospel in a manner that is super engaging. In fact, we bet your friends won’t be able to take their eyes off the screen!

What’s more, you can personalize your drawings, suggest prayers at the end of the presentation as well as follow-up with your friends – all from this one app.

Check out this tutorial right HERE, and get a better insight into the Big Story app right away.


Are you looking for christian apps that cater to different age groups? The Gospel Message app created by Awana has got you covered! This app helps you reach children, teens and adults in fun, creative and interactive ways.

What makes The Gospel Message app so special? Well, this app uses the interactive Gospel Wheel to engage in conversations rather than make one-sided presentations.

The Gospel Wheel explores the biggest biblical concepts in ways that are relevant to various age groups. With amazing graphics for children and thought-provoking questions for teens, this app packs a punch!

Would you like to give it a try? Click HERE to get it right away.

4. GOSPEL IN 7 (G7):

Now you can go ahead and share God’s word with your friends without being labelled a Bible basher! This app offers short, 5-7 minute videos that explain the Gospel in a creative and impactful way. It also gives you the choice to share longer videos, to really help your friends dig deeper. What’s more, a quick icebreaker quiz and interactive presentations make sure your friends enjoy themselves.

Your friends can also respond to the presentations/videos with options such as “I don’t believe it” and “I’d like to explore it later.” You can then follow-up with personalized e-mails based on their responses, as well as track the number of people you have reached across the world!

Doesn’t it all sound exciting? Click HERE to check out G7 today!


Video is THE most engaging medium of communication. The Voke app understands that really well. This app offers a library of compelling and high-quality videos that come with suggested conversation starters.

Simply find a friend on your phone (or let Vokebot do that for you), pick a video from the extensive library and share it. Wait, it doesn’t stop there! The app notifies you once your friend starts to watch the video, and that’s when the fun begins.

You get to strike a meaningful, spiritual conversation with your pal on the app, while he/she is watching the video. If you need help kick-starting the conversation, you can always use one of the fun conversation starter questions from the app.

What are you waiting for? Check out more details HERE.

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Sharing your faith with friends is a BIG step, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. These free christian apps will certainly help ease the process for you and your friends. Which of these Gospel-sharing apps would you like to try?

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