Are you ready to celebrate Easter? Or are you feeling overwhelmed  as we battle the corona virus? We’re facing hard times but I believe we can choose to have hope this Easter. How can you choose faith over fear this Easter when there is uncertainty all around us? By remembering God’s love and undeniable hope displayed in the resurrection of Christ. Let’s take a look at what this means practically: 

Faith over fear in Jesus’ day

Just like me, you may be seeing that all around you, there is uncertainty. But when did you last stop and remember that the resurrection is a genuine historical fact that can give you hope today? Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. His victory over death brings us hope and helps us see that there’s no reason to panic. A few days before the resurrection, Jesus’ disciples felt a lot of what we’re feeling now. Although Jesus had spoken about his upcoming death and resurrection, they still felt shocked by the events of Good Friday. Have you been feeling shocked by all that’s been going on lately? Also, after Jesus’ arrest, the disciples ran away and spent the next few days feeling absolutely devastated, so devastated that they could not see better days ahead. Their grief and concern was somehow blinding them and they forgot Jesus’ promise that he would rise from the dead. In times of trouble we are also prone to doubt or forget God’s promises.

A new perspective on faith

Thankfully, God has given me a new way to look at everything that is happening. I’m a  journalist so I have to write bad news everyday – of people dying and others complaining about the government. But it brings my heart joy when God turns my eyes to other things that are happening: people being healed, Christians who have died but left an incredible testimony to doctors and nurses who then reconsidered their unbelief.

It’s amazing how Christ’s presence helps us see things differently. On the first Easter morning, Mary, another disappointed and grieving follower of Jesus, was crying at his tomb. Her grief was not only crippling, it was also blinding: “she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realise it was Jesus” (John 20:14). Do you feel like you’re also in a time where everyone’s talking about Easter but you can’t see Christ in your situation? When this happens to me, and when hearing more bad news seems unbearable, I choose to remember all the past miracles I’ve seen and believe that he can do more in the future. 

Let’s Choose Faith Over Fear this Easter

What if we all chose faith over fear this Easter? What if we decided to remember that just like on the first Easter, Christ sees us in our grief and is closer than we realise? Let’s decide to trust God and love him no matter what. Easter is also a time where your students might be making decisions. Perhaps they want to deepen their faith despite the fact that their lives have been turned upside down by this situation. Your example of faith can be a powerful encouragement to them at this time.

A practical way to encourage them is by engaging around the topic of the resurrection. You can do this by distance with them through the Easter Adventure on the Voke app. Start by inviting several students to form a group on Voke. Together, you can rediscover the resurrection and how Christ’s power can impact you today.

As we continue to face uncertainty, you can either be extremely afraid, which is in some ways normal when facing a crisis. But you can also bring these feelings to the one who loved you and died for you. You can have faith that he is closer than you know. I encourage you to remember that God is in control. Believe in Christ’s presence and use online resources like the Voke app Groups feature to point others to him this Easter. As you choose faith over fear this Easter, I pray you let his light shine through because he is alive and by his grace, so are you. 

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