What’s your biggest challenge in youth ministry? Is it finding the time to get everything done? Or are you baffled by youth having so much to do with school and extracurriculars and having so little time left to engage in church? Perhaps you feel unsupported by parents or others on your team? Whatever your struggle is here are 5 truths we encourage you to hold on to as you serve this generation. 

Struggles are a part of leadership

The challenges facing youth ministry are varied but it can be encouraging to remember that we all face them. Regardless of what others in your church may think, leaders don’t have superpowers and aren’t immune to problems and pressures. So if you’re feeling under pressure right now – breathe. Pause for a second. And realise that what you’re feeling is normal! 

Your work matters 

One of the reasons you’re under so much pressure is because what you’re doing is really making a difference. And like anything in life that’s meaningful, investing in youth requires great struggle and dedication. Did you know that only 1 in 3 Gen-Zers feel like someone believes in them? By posting regularly on social media, contacting volunteers, buying snacks and praying intentionally for your youth, you’re helping change this statistic…even when you don’t yet see it! 

Perseverance is worth it 

Like we mentioned before, investing in youth comes with significant struggle for all leaders. But despite all the challenges facing youth ministry, what makes a difference in good leadership is the capacity to endure hard times. We’re guessing that your most important goal in leadership is guiding youth towards a closer relationship with Jesus; when doing so is rough, remember to persevere in your own relationship with Christ. He can give you the endurance needed for the task at hand. 

God is still trustworthy

We’ll say it again: God is the perfect source of strength for every leader! Many of the challenges facing youth ministry will make you want to give up. Can you imagine what would have happened if Joshua, Esther, or Paul had given up? Or what about Peter who despite all his flaws knew that his place was with the only One who has the words of eternal life? Youth ministry will require having to make hard decisions. But the good news is that you can count on the One who is the way, truth, and life to direct your next step as a leader. 

We’re in this together! 

The last thing we want you to remember is that you’re not alone in your desire to see youth go deeper in their relationship with God. In fact, we want to support you as you do this important work. Keep your eyes on this space and our socials; we’ll have more practical blog posts and easy-to-use resources that are relevant to your needs and objectives as a youth leader. Sometimes the greatest lie we can believe in ministry is that we’re all alone. Friends, the truth is that God will never leave you nor forsake you…and we too want to journey with you and see what exciting things God does in the lives of your youth! 

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