Over the past 12 days, we’ve used the 12 days of Vokemas to meaningfully engage with our friends. We’ve also been reflecting on what is true friendship and what inspiring hope with our friends really looks like. We believe that connecting with our friends involves more than just tagging them in cute friendship quotes. It requires getting to know them and finding unique ways to invest in them. That’s why we’ve challenged ourselves to reach out to our loved ones over the past 12 days. You can learn more about the challenge through our social pages and continue reading to find out more of what we’ve been up to!  

12 days of Vokemas: a quick re-cap

12.) Invite someone to coffee

Who doesn’t love a warm drink? Our first challenge was to invite a friend or family member to have coffee with you.

11.) If you could be known for one thing, what would it be and why?

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep a conversation going so we came up with this icebreaker question. It’s an interesting way to learn something about your friend. Have you learned anything new about your friends recently?

10.) If you could broadcast one message to the whole world, guaranteed that they would hear it, what would you say and why?

To continue getting to know our friends better, we came up with this question. Asking personal questions helps us learn what our pals are really passionate about.

9.) Give a surprise call or video chat to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

When was the last time you gave you bestie a call? Studies show that most people our age would rather text than talk, and that’s what makes this challenge difficult! If you completed it, you probably felt like I did: a little scared at first, but well-pleased at the opportunity to catch up with your friend.

8.) Pray for someone you need to forgive

Sometimes things go wrong in our interactions with friends or family. We can share these trials with God which is why this part of Vokemas involved praying for someone you need to forgive.  We also interviewed Kim Phuc, a woman who survived a bombing and experienced this type of trial personally. You can read about her story here.

7.) Take a selfie smiling with your neighbor, or take a video of you and your neighbor smiling as big as you can

The past few days of Vokemas were challenging so we decided to let you guys off easy this time. Hope your selfies were amazing!

6.) Capture 3 reaction videos of you saying “You are loved” to someone

Loneliness is a new norm in our culture. It can be challenging to find fulfilment when we feel unloved. But what do you think would happen if you went out of your way to remind someone that you care about them deeply?

5.) Be honest about how you’re really doing

On this day we challenged ourselves to be vulnerable. Have you ever felt peace after sharing your struggle with a friend?

4.) What is something you think you’re good at and why?

Once again, this challenge was about being intentional in our friendship by asking a thought-provoking question.

3.) Take a video of you high-fiving 10 different people

Encouragement is really powerful! It’s important to acknowledge people’s’ efforts and what better way to do so than by giving a high five!

2.) What is your favourite Christmas memory and why?

This conversation starter gives us  an opportunity to learn more about our friend’s life story.  Showing an interest in our friend’s life and listening shows that we care. 

1.) Unwrap all the challenges on the blog!

Did you know that by reading this post, you’re completing the final Vokemas challenge?
Even when we don’t realise it, those around us struggle with loneliness. By demonstrating love in your friendships, you’re making an important and meaningful difference in your friends’ lives.  And to close Vokemas, we want to thank you for joining us on this journey as we’ve inspired hope in our friendships. We are extremely grateful for your desire to have an impact this Christmas.

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