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Voke is a community of Christians inspiring hope and building deeper friendships through faith


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    With Voke, it’s simple. Watch a couple of videos and find content you like. Send it to a friend with an encouraging note. Ask them what they think about the video.

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    As you talk with your friend, use Voke’s kickstarter questions . Each question was created to help you and your friend move beyond the superficial as you get to know eachother better.

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    Don’t settle for where you’re at. Take the adventure and see what God does in your life and relationships through specific challenges.




Meet Evelyn and hear how Voke has helped her do some thing that is difficult to do.


Voke makes striking deeper conversations with your friends as easy as pie! This app lets you share impactful, short videos with your friends, and chat with them as they watch. Voke’s unique library is stocked with a bunch of compelling short films that are sure to kick-start deeper conversations about stuff that really matters.

You start by browsing Voke’s curated collection for a film that you would like to share. All you need to do is choose a friend and send him/her a customized text message with an invitation to watch and chat about the film.

The power of Voke really kicks in when your friend clicks on the link. You will be notified immediately, and you can start chatting with your friend about what he/she is thinking and feeling about the video.

After you have selected a film, and a friend to share it with, you just need to send your pal a customized text with a unique URL. When your friend clicks on the link, he/she will be taken to a mobile web page with your selected video at the top and a space to chat at the bottom.

Voke notifies you as soon as your friend starts watching, so that you can start chatting with him or her immediately.

Voke brings together some of the most impactful films out there on a single platform. Each film in Voke’s library has been handpicked for its thought-provoking and meaningful content. These videos cover a wide range of topics around stuff that really matters – life, truth, purpose, values, death, justice and God, to name a few.

Nope! You can share videos and chat with any friend from your phone’s contact list, even if your pal doesn’t have the Voke app.

You can use SMS, FB Messenger, Whatsapp on iOS. With Android you get the same but you get to use additional SMS clients like Telegram, signal and  Textra etc.

Very small – 7 mb on both iOS and Android


  • Amazing tool for reaching friends. I really like the way my friends don't need an app for me to connect with them. I can hit up several friends at same time and manage conversations.

    Aaron Thomson
    Aaron Thomson
    New Zealand
  • Voke is a wonderful tool for starting some very interesting conversations! I love the fact that my friends can see the videos and chat with me even if they haven’t download the app.

    Mariana Pando
    Mariana Pando
  • Voke is an awesome tool to start conversations about things people don’t usually have the courage to talk about.

    Liam Savage
    Liam Savage
    United States



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