Voke makes striking deeper conversations with your friends as easy as pie! This app lets you share impactful, short videos with your friends, and chat with them as they watch. Voke’s unique library is stocked with a bunch of compelling short films that are sure to kick-start deeper conversations about stuff that really matters.

You start by browsing Voke’s curated collection for a film that you would like to share. All you need to do is choose a friend and send him/her a customized text message with an invitation to watch and chat about the film.

The power of Voke really kicks in when your friend clicks on the link. You will be notified immediately, and you can start chatting with your friend about what he/she is thinking and feeling about the video

After you have selected a film, and a friend to share it with, you just need to send your pal a customized text with a unique URL. When your friend clicks on the link, he/she will be taken to a mobile web page with your selected video at the top and a space to chat on the bottom.

Voke notifies you as soon as your friend starts watching, and you can start chatting with him/her immediately.

Voke brings together some of the most impactful films out there on a single platform. Each film in Voke’s library has been handpicked for its thought-provoking and meaningful content. These videos cover a wide range of topics around stuff that really matters – life, truth, purpose, values, death, justice and God, to name a few.

Yes, you can! Voke’s library has a bunch of videos – in English, Spanish and Portuguese – to choose from. Moreover, we are on the constant lookout for new videos to add to our library. In fact, if there’s a film you would like to see on the Voke app, let us know!

Yes! This means that you and your friend can go back to that conversation at any time and pick up from where you left off.

VokeBot is like a personal assistant to you on behalf of Voke. He communicates with you to tell you helpful things; like when a friend plays a video you shared, he gives you videos based on what you ask him for and he can let you know if a new videos are released.

Nope! You can share videos and chat with any friend from your phone’s contact list, even if your pal doesn’t have the Voke app.

Vokebot, the friendly robot, to the rescue! Not sure which friends to share the video with? Vokebot will shortlist three friends from your contact list to make it all easier.

Each of Voke’s compelling videos is bound to inspire questions and conversations around its subject matter. If you still struggle with words – help is at hand! Each video comes with suggested conversation starters to help you takeoff.

Nope! Voke is a free chat app.

Yes you can use SMS, Whatsapp or FB messenger on iOS or All of these and more on Android (telegram, Signal, Textra etc)

Your friend can get the app by using the “Get App” in the top right drop down menu. They will get the conversation with you back in the app and you can now both watch and chat at the same time!